ABsource Biologics take turnkey projects for setting up production/manufacturing units of Curd/Yoghurt , Soya milk products, Cheese specifically Mozerella cheese and Indian indigenous fermented milk products like Shrikhand, Amrakhand, Lassi, Butter-Milk, Paneer, etc.

The project scope includes Research & Development on Product Inoculums, Design and development of process Line as per product requirement, product development, production Set Up, Quality analysis, Market sample analysis and Service back up. We deliver our services keeping under consideration low budget, high output with quality products.

Development of product inoculum is oriented towards taste improvement, improvement in keeping quality, shelf life and inoculum for probiotic products. Improvement of process set up so as to minimize the contamination which can occur during intermediate steps. ABsource Biologics process designing renders process where in contaminations should be minimized during production and storage. We consider Selection of raw material, designing of critical process parameters to get desirable product as per customer requirement. Design and supply of desired machinery as per the products, process fit, and process run to achieve the desirable product within specifications.

Our project deliverables include the analytical support which covers both in process and finished product analysis there by making the process robust and reproducible avoiding batch to batch variations. ABsource provides constant technical support and service back up so that it does not affect productivity and the customer is updated from time to time in terms of process and product development, market trend, etc. unlike other exotic manufacturers who are good in product performance but not in terms of technical support which is must for overall growth at the customer end.