About ABsource

ABsource BIOLOGICS Pvt. Ltd. incepted in the year 2014 has its spotlight on indigenously developed DVS cultures and other related products to be used in Dairy Industry for manufacturing of Curd, Cheese etc. along with the production of several non-dairy products. The significance of such products lies in them being developed natively minimizing the dependency of Indian dairy industry on imported brands which supplies such cultures. There will be a huge repercussion on cost simultaneously providing technical back up to these industries which rely thickly on such inputs.

ABsource BIOLOGICS has initiated the development of lactic starter culture concentrates (LSCC) to be followed by processing them to production levels. Such LSCC in DVS form has huge prerequisites in not just native but also in global market; they are currently imported.

Commercial lactic starter culture concentrates in gaining colossal popularity in India recently and in the US food industry in last 10 years. Precisely, liquid nitrogen’ frozen concentrates have become the dominant form used by the dairy and cheese industry. Sold as either direct sets or bulk sets, such cultures are capable of inoculating from 250 to as large as 5000 liters of milk directly. Curd, Cheese, Sour cream, Buttermilk and Yogurt are some examples of these final products. Apart from catering to the dairy industry, ABsource has also plans of coming up with the frozen cultures straight away for consumer use across the outlets so that consumers experience making commercially available dairy products at home.