Starter (DVS) Cultures


Pure thermophilic and blended DVS cultures comprising of predominantly streptococci species and lactococci species.
For making Cup Curd, Bucket Curd with acidity as per the requirements. Different variant used for pouch curd.


Pure thermophilic & blend of thermo & mesophilic DVS cultures comprising strains of streptococci species. For making Cup & Pouch Curd specially for low fat milk fermentation.


Blended DVS cultures comprising of defined strains of lactobacilli and streptococci species in a unique ratio. For making set yoghurt, greek style yoghurt, fruit yoghurt and low fat yoghurt.


Blended DVS cultures comprising of other strains (not part of CU01) of streptococci and lactococci species in different proportion.
For making buttermilk where diacetyl flavour is desired.


Blended DVS cultures comprising of defined strains of lactobacilli, streptococci species & probiotics in a unique ratio.
For making traditional and commercial laban.


Blended DVS cultures comprising of defined strains of lactococci, streptococci and lactobacilli species in a unique ratio.
For making parmesan, provolone, semi hard gouda, tvorog, cottage, cream, emmental, butter, gouda, cheddar, camembert, edam, white brine, mozzarella, caciotta, scamorza cheese.


Blended DVS cultures comprising other thermophilic strain and mesophilic lactococci species in a unique ratio critical for the product formation.
For making stirred yogurt/lassi. Strain provides viscosity plus point for product formation.


Pure thermophilic cultures comprising of streptococcus thermophilus species.
For making mishti doi (dahi), a popular sweet dish of eastern states of India.


Blended thermophilic & facultative thermophilic cultures of different strains.
For making shrikhand where acidity & product recovery is of utmost importance delivered by the culture combination.


Pure mesophilic and blended DVS cultures comprising of lactococci species.
Specifically used for making aromatic ghee with diacetyl flavor.


Single stain and blended DVS cultures, comprising of bifidobacterium sp., lactococci sp. and lactobacilli sp. Specifically used for sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled vegetables, kombucha, water kefir, tempeh, sourdough bread, miso, fortified dairy alternatives and also used in supplements.


Blend of specific type of symbiotic DVS cultures comprising of lactobacilli, streptococci, and saccharomyces sp. Specifically used for making sharp flavored creamy kefir.


Bio protective cultures have wide range of applications throughout the food industries. Main role of Bio protective culture is to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria and controls adventitious nonstarter lactic acid bacteria (NSLAB) in cheese and wine, which contributes excellent quality to final products. They are use to enhance food fermentation, accelerate the cheese ripening and improve their flavor.

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