ABBIND IN2.0 is a unique product that belongs to the category of binders and stabilizers where they have been used for their role in increasing the product integrity and provides aesthetic changes to the final product unique formulation of milk proteins and lactose it matches the composition of natural milk and as the name suggests it brings together the protein molecules present in milk and binds them resulting in providing a firm texture to the products.

Therefore by using ABBIND one can get & benefits from 1 product making it an extremely commercially viable product in its segment rendering a blend of economy and aesthetics.


ABBINDMAX is Similar to ABbind is a unique product consisting of milk protein, lactose and enzymes and specially designed for increasing protein content and provides binding capability as well as protein enhancement in different dairy products. So it is used to increase thickness and yield. ABBINDMAX makes the surface of final products softer, compact, creamier and whiter. And it also improves the shelf life of final products.


ABPRO is a polysaccharide based product. It is widely used in wet and dry applications in dairy and food industry as a stabilizer and/or emulsifier. ABPRO is an additive used to thicken, emulsify, and preserve foods and drinks. It’s a natural ingredient. Being natural it is very much safe and can be used invariably in any food application, etc. It is usually used in manufacturing of flavour Milk, Ice-Cream, Fermented Drinking Products and Yoghurt.


ABHIPRO is an excellent source of protein. It has varied applications in food and dairy industry. ABHIPRO is made up of natural protein found in cereals. It is used as an additive in baking and improves the rise in raw dough, texture and chewiness. It is widely used in food industry. It is 100% vegetarian.


ABBLEND is composed of milk powder coagulated with suitable enzyme(s). As a fine-grained powder, ABBLEND does not take much time to hydrate. Main role of ABBLEND is to improve texture; it increases stretching power of cheese. It also has very good emulsifying properties particularly for imitation cheese and melted cheese for pizzas. It increases the melting properties of cheese.


ABRENNO is microbial rennet and by nature is a coagulating agent produced by live organisms. It is an enzyme obtained from the fermentation of Rhizomucor miehei. ABRENNO allows the coagulation of milk for all variety of cheese. It comes in powdered form that contains endopeptidase and sodium chloride. ABRENNO comes in different IMCU’ sviz 1500, 2200, 3000 etc.


ABSPICE We present the dairy ingredients as ABSPICE (Butter Milk masala). ABSPICE is a formulation of different spices and condiments and is designed considering its application in improving the taste and aroma in the final products. Buttermilk is an integral part of the Indian daily diet and its taste and aroma can be improved using ABSPICE to provide health benefits of buttermilk along with appetizing and taste.


ABMERGE is a brand name for GDL (glucono-delta-lactone) a high end non-agricultural additive, a coagulant. It is commonly used and preferred to make silken soft tofu and soft, creamier, white paneer with increase in yield. ABMERGE, because of its slow hydrolysis allows for a gradual building of calcium bridges in the form of soft gel. ABMERGE can increase shelf life of final product, imparts increased mouthfeel and delivers softer, creamier and whiter Paneer. It is 100 % vegetarian and non GMO.

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