Dr. Mukesh Vinze (Founder & MD)

B.Sc.(indore) | M.Sc. (Life-Science) | Ph.D. (Bio-Chemistry)

An Exemplary Leader with more than 20 years of industry wide experience in the world of Biosciences.


Cadilla Pharma 2 Years

Serum Institute 6 Years

Biological Evans 2 Years


FTIL 6 Years

Absource Biologics 5 Years


Mr. J. Sonavane (Founder & Director)

B. Sc.(Zoology) M. Sc.(Biotech /Life-Sc.)

A Visionary Businessman with more than 20 years into Bioscience Industry.

Invitrogen Corp US 4 Years 

 Founder & Director at


BioResource Biotech 18 Years

BioSphere Life-Sc. 10 Years


Avanira Biotech 8 Years

Absource Biologics 5 Years

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